Red top1


As a Real Estate agent, a LOT of time is spent talking to people to drum up business.  In the trade we call this Lead Generation.  OK, if you are super cool it’s called Lead Gen.  And of course, I am super cool!

Part of this involves phone time, open houses, and general face to face stuff.  But if you want to sell homes it also includes good, old fashioned hoofin’ it!  Which, in the summer can be hot work!  So I needed a good air-conditioned top.  I had this red linen in my stash for a year or so, it’s from Sultan’s Fine Fabrics care of the Creative Festival.

Here’s why it’s Air Conditioned:

Red top2


It’s a pretty straightforward sew, except I used some topstitch thread my machine didn’t like much – so much I thought there was an issue with the machine. Oh, and I sewed the bottom of front placket backwards (inside the top) instead of outside. Duh. Well I think it passes the horse test. That is if someone was riding by on a horse they wouldn’t notice it. Or is that if I am on a horse? Anyway….

Here is the side view with the high-low hemline:
Red top3

I’m wearing my newly skinnified white jeans & some fancy Birkenstocks with this top.