One of my least favourite things to do is mending. I refuse absolutely to change a zipper, especially in a ski jacket. I do however, do a fair amount of mending – I have two teenage sons! I can repair a crotch rip like no tomorrow.

So needless to say this repair has been a year in the making. I made these jeans in 2012 from the fabulous Jalie jeans pattern…the original post for these is here:


Unfortunately the last time I wore these I left a neon post it the back pocket…even after bleaching I was left with this:

jean pockets 2

So I had to recut new back pockets (the fabric is a bit different, but close enough) and I also altered the leg to make them skinny jeans. Here are the new pockets, with a bit of twill trim on the outside corners:

Jeans Pockets

Next up a maxi: McCalls 6559 in some gorgeous tan/black/red stripe.