Scanning my wardrobe, its full of dark-ish neutrals. Not that I have anything against that, I aspire to have a wardrobe, if not the personality like the Ruthless Style Goddess Claire Underwood from House of Cards:

Claire Underwood 3

Why yes, I did make my assistant fire half my staff, then I canned her too!

Claire Underwood 2

Do you think my wardrobe is too neutral? Who cares! Kiss me and then I’ll destroy you later for my own power hungry advancement in politics!!

Claire Underwood 1

I may have told my manager I was willing to let her unborn child wither and die in her if that’s what it took to make her drop her lawsuit; but damn, I looked hot when I said that!

Where was I? Oh, I needed some colour, some life, some florals! $6 and some poly charmeuse later, I introduce you to Vogue 7457:

Vogue 7457

The Opposite of Claire

Not much to say, this was a stash pattern that’s out of print. This is a straightforward woven T-shirt; Boat neckline, cut on Kimono sleeves. The photo is a bit washed out, it’s hot colours including chartreuse, pink & blues on a white ground. I had to grade upwards from a 10 to make it work. I bound the neckline with pink bias tape. Quick to make, on the floral trend bandwagon and easy to wear!

Worn with Joe Fresh shades & flower necklace from F21.

Oh, here is the pattern, circa 2001:V7457