Like many busy bloggers, I’ve been well, busy! November was spent doing some real estate courses as well as helping a few clients purchase homes, then planning for the holidays!

Finally the holidays are over and things are getting back to normal. For those who live elsewhere, Toronto – like much of North America was caught in the Polar Vortex. Also the -40 degree weather was preceded by a nasty ice storm just before Christmas; plunging much of the city into a multi-day power outage. Luckily our power was only out 3 days, returning Christmas Eve. Our garage became our fridge, gas fireplace our furnace and the turkey stayed frozen! Some of our friends had power out for a week, so we counted ourselves lucky. Our Christmas Dinner was planned for Boxing Day anyway, so all was well. I did manage to squeeze in some sewing; here are the results! First the top I work on New Years Eve; aka the Disco Ball Top:

McCalls 6841

McCalls 6841

This is a drape-front top with a very deep cowl & cut-on sleeves. The pattern also includes two sleeveless variations.

Technical Drawings

I made view C in a 14 and lengthened the sleeves 2″. I should have widened the sleeves a bit as they are a bit towards the hem. The cowl is sewn up in the centre; it’s a bit plunging – I sewed the centre front seam up about 1 1/2″ higher than the pattern after trying it on. The fabric is a very drapey rayon knit in a metallic silver from Fabricland, Toronto. It was $4/m!! contrary to the appearances, the pattern is not too much of a fabric hog, it takes 2.2 meters, but I think I used less. I like the pattern, DH thought it was ‘freaky’ but it’s very flattering, and I’d like to sew a casual one. It does require a very drapey, light & fluid fabric!!

I have a few more projects to post about in the next few days!