For my day job, I work for a Real Estate Team doing inside sales, marketing, managing our database, acting as the team leads assistant and lots of other stuff. For my other day job I’m a licenced real estate agent. I’m documenting my latest listing as there are some particular challenges to it that make it an interesting case study. For the first installment of the story; here is the background and challenges. Let me know if you find this stuff interesting, or just say “hey Sue get back to sewing!!”

My clients are my former next door neighbours. A professional couple in their thirties, he’s in finance and she’s a translator & SAHM. They have a very cute 2 year old. Their house is in a very desirable neighbourhood called the Upper Beach in Toronto, it’s almost 100 years old and restored/reno’d upstairs. Two years ago they dug out, underpinned and finished the basement in a super modern style with no expense spared. The house is a semi-detached and narrow, so they’ve out grown it. They’ve also always wanted a house with a pool. About 3 weeks ago they saw a house they loved nearby, put in an offer and got it. Here’s the new house: (Co-incidentally it’s right across the street from a good friend!).

109 cornell

cornell rear

Now we had the task of selling their house. Here are the challenges:

  • They are selling in the peak of summer; timing is an issue – do they sell now or wait until September risking more competition?
  • They had 3 weeks to get it ready for market
  • The main intersection leading to their street is closed for roadwork; it will be closed if we put the house on the market now – limiting exposure from drive by traffic (their street is a main north/south thoroughfare) and limiting where we can put signage advertising the open house
  • The wish to drive the price point of the house far exceeding other similar homes that have sold on the street.  In Toronto, many houses get multiple offers and sell for far over the asking price by putting a house on the market then waiting until a specific date to accept offers.
  • The owners are very hands on in all aspects of the process

That’s it for now, for the next post I’ll outline our strategy.  Right now we have just launched the property as an ‘exclusive’ – as the one of the first stages of marketing it (a lot of work has gone into this up to now!)  I’ve created a website, check it out:

The Mint House