I want to love the fall Vogues, but quite frankly I’m more inspired lately by Burda and Style Arc offerings. The new Vogues were released yesterday and I was first struck by the fact there are much less designer offerings that in previous collections. I’m not sure whether I will buy many, if any, but at least they kept the mega-sale up Friday for the die hards! Prices are back to normal today. Here’s what I liked best of the lot:

Donna Karan Collection V1361

Donna Karan Collection V1365

Rebecca Taylor V1367

I love the styling and fabric the most for this one:

Vogue 8933

This could be quite figure flattering:

Vogue 8932

There are also a lot of shapeless baggy separates and some recycled wardrobe patterns. However the most head-scratching thing is that they must have hired the Burda Style Crafts Editor who spends most of their design time on acid for this baby; what gets me is the elegant styling of the model & the what the hell? purse:

V2942. Also available as an owl.