There was a surprise sale (a bit of an oxymoron as there is ALWAYS a sale at Fabricland, it would be more surprising if there wasn’t a sale) of 50% off this weekend.  The closest store to me at Morningside/Sheppard is wonderful.  New, clean, big & bright, it has a well stocked to overflowing clearance section which was 50% off clearance prices this weekend!  Here’s what I got:

camel bw

Remember my spring trenchcoat? What you see above is another 3m of worsted wool twill in camel. It was lovely stuff to sew. When I made my trench it was originally $40/m marked down to $10/m. Since then it had been marked down to $5/m and I got it for 50% off. That’s right folks, $120 worth of wool for $7.50.

The black and white is from a wonderful Canadian fabric distributor Telio, and is a cotton blend with some silver lurex threads throughout. Originally $34/m; I bought 3m of it, again marked down to $5 and 50% off.

hearts black

The heart prints above are a mesh knit again from Telio; difficult to tell from the photos, but it’s overprinted on black and sheer stripe. I think it was originally around $15/m; marked down to $3/m which I got for 50% off that. The black fabric has a woven abstract in a dark plum with shiny threads through that give the plum almost a laminated effect. The fabric itself is a woven, but with a crinkly texture that makes it quite stretchy. It’s a jacket weight – maybe a wool blend of some sort. Again, originally $34/m marked down to $5/m and 50% off! There was only 2.5 m left on that bolt and it’s not too wide, but enough for a jacket.

So according to my calculations, I received $352 worth of fabric for $25.75!!! Now that’s bargain shopping!