I have had a serious thing for Style Arc patterns for a while! If you’re not familiar with these patterns, you must go check out their website immediately! New designs come out once a month on the first day of the month. I want you to know that I hardly ever stalk it hitting the refresh key for the new designs. When February designs came out I immediately fell in love with the Marie Jacket. To make the postage efficient (it’s expensive!) I bought the Fay Skirt as well. Each month there is a freebie pattern included. The patterns are printed in one size (I bought size 14) and are printed on heavy tracing paper. The instructions are written, not illustrated; but there is an illustration of the pattern pieces included, as well as a swatch.

I had no problem following the instructions, even though they were written in Austrailian. As a matter of fact, they are much easier to interpret than Burda Style instructions, which are apparently written in English by actual English speakers.

Anyway, enough faux-humour; here is the pattern:

and here is my version:

Style Arc Skirt

What makes this magic you ask? This skirt is lined, and there is ONE pattern piece!!  Sew the side seams, flip it up and make an elastic casing and it’s done.  And it’s not just a tube, there is shaping drafted in there.  Probably a 30 min cut & sewing time total.  I would recommend an ITY weight knit to keep the drape and not have the finished skirt to heavy.

This lovely fabric also has a story!  I was on our annual ski trip last week in Mont St. Anne with DH and 7 other friends & my brother in law.  We rent a condo and have a great time.  I was super stressed as I have a very difficult real estate deal causing me all kinds of trouble so was very distracted.  DH suggested a side trip to Quebec City for fabric shopping.  After a little on-line research, we went to the charming Tissus Claudiany, south of Quebec City.  This tiny store had mainly beautiful knits; many of them desgner remants. The helpful staff spoke enough English that I was not forced to speak mangled French too much (I can order at Timmy’s en francais, but that’s about my limit). Gorgeous prints and interesting puckered and textured knits.  Very resonably priced at $12.98 & $14.98/m.  I bought this crosshatch poly jersey, two gorgeous pieces of a rib-knit from the Canadian designer Joseph Ribkoff and a decorative zipper with a python printed tape.  What a wonderful hubby…he even said “are you sure you don’t want more?”

Oh and the real estate deal is still stressing me out – please send positive thoughts!  But I’m spiffily dressed throughout it!!