Hi, I’m Sue. I’m a shoeaholic. A shameless shoeaholic.
This is made worse because I have size 12 feet. Rendering most offerings in regular shoe stores made as my hubby says “of Unobtanium”.

I buy most of my shoes on-line, and my favourite specialty shoe store is Barefoot Tess. They are running a facebook contest for a $150 gift certificate.

As your way of giving back to the community, will you vote for my entry?

OK, I selfishly want new pretty free shoes.

Specifically these shoes:

spring shoes

To help me win these shoes, all you have to do is go here (click on the image):

shoe love

And vote for me! If you go to page 2 of the contest photos, my entry is the one with the shoes that have little post-its on them; it looks like this, see the little vote button on the bottom?  Make sure after you vote you accept the pop up or the vote won’t register.  Also read my entry.  I used all of my creativity up on this one!

contest entry

What will it take ladies???


Selfish, Shameless, Shoeholic, Sue.