Here’s one of the items from my Fall wardrobe – a sheath dress!  This pattern is New Look 6123 which comes with TONS of variations; so it’s great pattern to have on hand!


And here is my verion – view D.  I had some wonky issues with the back – you can see there is still some wierd puffiness in the mid back, in hindsight I probably needed a sway back adjustment as the back is so fitted.

I had lengthened this at the waist but added too much, then because I had already set in the zipper, I took up the extra length at the shoulders (the easy way out!).  So the bust dart is a bit high.  What I should have done was to:

Cut a 14 in the top, grading to a 16 at the waist.  Do a Full bust adjustment.  Add 3/4″ to the waist length.  Do a sway back adjustment.  Add darts to the shoulders for a rounded back.

This is made in a stretch woven rayon poly lycra (RPL to use the cool, fancy sewing term) in a really dark eggplant purple that I’ve had in my stash for ever.  It’s part of my plan to cut down on my fabric aquisitions.

NL 6123 (1)

Front – cute.  Back wonky.  I also had to trim off about 1 1/2″ at the centre back at the shoulders because apparently I’m shaped like igor the hunchback at my shoulders.  But it looks good there now.  Which is a good thing, because before my hair covered the top of the zipper.

As you see now with my new haircut it is pretty exposed.  I think I will call this my ‘sheath hair’ cause its so sleek and swingy!!

Don’t you just love the necklace – it’s from H&M a couple of years back.

NL 6123 (2)