I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I had some lovely gifts; including a new subscription to Burda Style from my DH!! When it arrives – he calls me at work and says “it’s a Burda Day!! – then my reply is “a reason to live!!”

December 2012 and Jan 2013 have already arrived, and some of the previews from February are also up. If you haven’t seen some of the patterns, here’s a quick preview:102-0511-B_1500x1500-ID281032- 102-0511-B_1500x1500-ID281132- 102-0511-B_1500x1500-ID281069- 102-0511-B_1500x1500-ID281057- 102-0511-B_1500x1500-ID281053- 102-0511-B_1500x1500-ID281050- 102-0511-B_1500x1500-ID281049- 102-0511-B_1500x1500-ID281042- 102-0511-B_1500x1500-ID281036- 102-0511-B_1500x1500-ID281035-

What a great issue!!

Off to finish my fauz suede leggings; I had a problem with a lot of skipped stitches, but finally changing needles from sharps to knit the fabric seems to like a jersey needle. I think they will go great with this other gift, a Joe Fresh Poncho: joe fresh poncho

What sewing presents did you get?

P.S. Do you know about Joe Fresh? It’s the Canadian equivalent of H&M or Forever 21…if you’d like to see more, take a look at my post tomorrow!!