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Here was my Fall Wardrobe plan; in list form here’s what it looked like:

  1. Trenchcoat
  2. Sheath Dress
  3. Draped Black Skirt
  4. Leggings
  5. Peplum Top
  6. White T
  7. Pussybow blouse
  8. Henly Shirt
  9. Donna Karan draped Dress
  10. Dress Pants
  11. Chanel Jacket

Out of the 11 items I was successful in making 5, plus I made a couple of items not on the list.  I have a second pair of leggings and a sheath dress cut and ready to go….

I’m in desparate need of dress pants so I plan on making a couple and some work-y jackets.  I also need a white dress shirt to pull some of these separates together.  And I bought some gorgeous sweater knit with sequins begging to be made up.  The trench may wait a bit as it’s such a big project…after the Christmas rush is over I plan to devote a couple of hours to updating my planning board & closet so I can make all of these pieces work together.

I love the pleasure of dipping my hands in my closet like it’s a designer boutique and pulling out wonderful clothing and accessories – all of which fit ME perfectly!!