red dress2I present you my red dress in full party mode, complete with handsome husband accessory & drink in hand!  (PS the eyeshadow is grey, not blue!)


I have to say whoever designed this puppy was sadistic and psychotic. I wasn’t sure it would even be a dress until the last seams (shoulder seams) were sewn. Since they were the last to be sewn, I couldn’t even try it on until then!

Here is the technical drawing:

Now I did my fair share of reading every review of this on before I tackled this, so I knew it would be challenging and that the instructions weren’t great. There are two pattern pieces to the dress, one large piece which forms the front of the dress and the back of the skirt portion; the second part is the upper back. There is also a slip on the skirt part. Once it’s sewn together and on the slip holds the front folds and drape in place, and the top folds in on itself to form a facing. Very clever but mind-numbing to sew!  (Did I mention I made this the day before the party?)

This is made from a nice rayon jersey which, luckily looks similar front and back because I ended up with the upper back sewn on backwards. The slip ended up inside out, but no one sees it! I think if this was a print I might have noticed my errors while I was able to rip them out. The pattern instructions certainly don’t help! Throw them away and drink a glass of wine instead!! (well, maybe read them, but don’t pay a lot of attention to the illustrations!)

Here is an ‘action shot’ of the dress dancing.  I don’t think I dance like Elaine* but maybe pictures don’t lie…

red dress

I was able to lengthen it despite other reviewers notes to the contrary, I just left a bit more room between the front pieces when I taped it together (the front is in 3 sections you tape together to make a big piece).  I also added triangular gussets under the arms to give it more coverage – thanks to other reviewers I knew about this ahead of time.

I’ll see if I can post a better photo; it’s a lovely flattering dress. Make sure if you attempt it to use a drapey, light knit as there is quite a bit of fabric in the front drape at the waist and you don’t want it too bulky.

Will I sew it again? Not sure, maybe in a print for the summer!

If you’re thinking of making this; here is a very detailed blog post that is incredibly helpful.  You’ll have to get your own wine.

The Overflowing Stash

*famous Elaine Dances episode from Seinfeld