Weight Watchers Goal Weight Star

Since I’ve been with my DH (6 years now) and turned over 50 the weight’s crept up…I put on about 15 lbs. I tried halfheartedly to lose it and was unsuccessful.  There are some great FREE on line tools that you can use, but I needed more accountability to actually make a change.  So in September I started Weight Watchers.  I finally reached my goal weight this week!  The star you see is the little award they give when you hit your target.  Yay me!  Now my goal is to stay on maintenance for 6 weeks (+/-2lbs weight deviation from goal weight is allowed)  to become a lifetime member which gives free access to on-line tracking and tools.  I feel like a look more like ‘me’ and it’s nice to fit back into some clothes that had been too tight!

I have been sewing; but I don’t have any photos yet.  I also increased my stash accumulation at the last Vogue sale where I picked up:


This is a knock off of an Alexander McQueen Jacket – also comes with a nice raglan t-hirt & dress

Also from the new batch:

And this knit top (V8856) with interesting lines:

Hopefully I will get some pics next week! I have also cut out a sheath dress (New Look 6123) in dark purplish-brown RPL and a second set of jeggings in a stretch faux-suede.

There is also a Fabricland Member’s sale this week; on my list are notions for my dress; potential new fabric for a second version (for work Christmas party & upcoming family wedding in January); some gorgeous sweater knit by Telio with abstract patches of sequins in a charcoal grey and more jeggings fabric in the black colourway; and some fabric for Connie.