I like lists.  It gives me the misguided feeling I am in control of things.  It gives me a sense of order in the chaos of my house.  And, it’s nerdy fun!!  So, I do plan a list of my sewing projects.  I’ve recently been planning and editing my fall sewing, and as a matter of fact I’m over half way through my first project. First, here is my list, in story board format:

Peplum Blouse with exposed back zip (Burda 8/12)
Trench with bottom ruffle (Burda not sure which issue); knock off of Burberry Trench
Sheath dress (mine will be navy) McCalls 6609
Black knit draped skirt V7811
Jegging – this will be a frankenpattern with actual jean details
White t with chest pocket – probably a frankenpattern of Hot Patterns & Jalie T-shirts
Teal silk pussybow blouse M5884

Rachel Comey Shirt V1323 (I have a cross-hatch rayon print in a similar colourway)
Donna Karan Draped dress – in red for Christmas
Chanel Jacket V8804 – in a blue/brown/metallic authentic Linton Tweed
Thurlow pants – black wool with blue pinstripe
DVF wrap dress – colour TBD
Black statement necklace H&M
Sam Edleman booties

It’s interesting to see them storyboarded – it helps me plan the sewing order so I can co-ordinate things better. It seems very classic but with a few trendy items thrown in the mix!