I was fortunate recently to purchase a cutting table from a real estate client who was moving from a house with a custom upholstery studio in her basement to a houseboat.  The best part is it came with a flexible plastic cutting surface.

My former cutting table was a wooden kitchen harvest table propped up on some wood blocks.

The new cutting table is a generous 40 x 60″, and stands about waist high.  It incorporates a formerly underutilized cabinet and a set of small bookcase style shelves (that came with the top, cutting surface and legs).  The open storage underneath had the perfect sized opening for my rolling cart (for snaps, fasteners, interfacing & trims) and open storage for my machine cases & embroidery hoop cases.  I’m so pleased how it turned out, it’s a wonderful table perfectly customized for my needs & height and it makes my space look so professional and tidy!