Iris Shorts

This is a cute shorts pattern for those who are (like me) impulse pattern shoppers.  I’ve been eyeing some retro-inspired shorts patterns for a while, I especially liked a KS version, but when these came out, I thought the design was the bees knees!

The pattern is available in a tradional mail-to-you version, or my handy dandy download version; instantly available, no shipping costs – just done!  This is the first Colette pattern I’ve tried, but they’ve been getting rave reviews on Patternreview.  The Colette Website is incredibly informative and well designed. The retro-y designs are very cute, but would look way to costumey on me.  But the shorts, which are a little more classic, were just what I was looking for.

These shorts have a wide, contoured waistband (almost a yoke), princess seams with inset pockets on the seamline, optional button closure and an invisible side zip.  I made size 12 hip and 14 at the waist, I added a little to the side seams in the ‘cut big, sew small’ spirit.  I also lengthened them 2″.

These are very easy to make, and with the wide legs are comfy and cute, IMHO.  The buttoned pockets can be a tad annoying if you like to walk around with your hands in your pockets, but they’re secure, and add design flair.  Without the buttons they’d be pretty plain jane.  This pair is made in kind of a nasty blue fabric that’s rather stiff I had hanging around for muslins and some stash turquoise buttons.  Oh, and I used my pant sloper for the back crotch curve.

I have another cut and ready to sew in a nice heavy linen.  The only change I made to the second pair is I cut the pocket a bit bigger to suit me better.  I lengthened them a little more so I can do a deeper hem.  I guess it depends how big your hands are and how big you like your pockets.

I also like they don’t take much fabric, so I pretty much have two nice pair of shorts for the price of the pattern!

Note: the cute pictoral above is courtesy of Connie of Couturesmith!