Has anyone else been watching Fashion Star? Last night was the finale (SPOILER ALERT) and the wonderfully talented, but incredibly weepy Kara Larriks won. Yay!

I really liked her distinctive designs, which really spoke to her personality.  She tried to incorporate some androgyny in almost all of her clothing in an understated, elegant and refined way.  I found a lot of the other contestants were either one-trick ponies or were very of the moment designers.

In case you didn’t see it, the contestants were mentored by Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos, then ‘judged’ by a buyer from Saks, H&M & Macy’s.  Each week held a challenge (not a silly one like project runway) and then the buyers bid on the clothing.  Winning designs were offered for sale at each realtor the day of airing.

Three designs were chosen by McCalls – I hope they offer more of the designs as well!  The dress above (alternate view below) was one of the first garments designed by Kara.

Here’s an interview with Kara explaining her influences: