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Here’s a quick project I made for a Mother’s day gift. Using the measurements of my Kobo reader, I drafted a quick case.   The reader is held in place with elastic and it closes with an elastic loop. Total sewing time was about 1 hour. It’s a great project to use up remnants!

  • I started by using the measurements of the case and adding about 1/8″ plus a 1/4″ seam allowance. Call this measurement A I also added a small spine down the centre, a hair wider than the thickness of the reader.  I wanted the case to be slim and light when done
  • Cut a rectangle that’s the size of  Ax2 plus the spine.  Cut two of these rectangles.
  • For the inside pocket, cut a pocket 1/2 of A and fold in half so the fold is the top of the pocket.
  • Cut a ‘spine’ out of twill tape the height of the case
  • Out of elastic (I had some nice fold over elastic to match, but any elastic will do) cut 4 2″ segments for the corners
  • Cut a piece of elastic the height of the case plus 2″ for the closure
  • Cut some interfacing the exact size of your reader cover.  I used some thin, stiff plastic for the front and timtex for the back.  You want a protective front.


  • baste pocket in place on inside section of case cover. Baste elastic ‘corners’ in place.  Check fit with your reader to make sure it’s going to be held securely.
  • Baste top and bottom of twill tape in place, covering inside ends of elastic & inside edge of pocket.  The other ends of the elastic will be sewn into the cover.  Baste elastic loop in place on back of the right cover (facing you when case is open)
  • pin inside of case to outside, wrong sides together.  Check the elastic loop is in the right place and looks nice.
  • Sew case together – leave top of case over the LEFT side open.  Turn right side out and press.
  • Slide your interfacing in the opening and push it all the way over to the right.  It should be a tight fit.  Check to make sure your reader is held in place snugly & the elastic loop is in the right place before your next step!
  • Straighten up your twill tape (the ‘spine) and edgestich to enclose the interfacing on the right side.
  • Slide the interfacing on the left side, and edgstitch along the other side to hold left side in place.  The twill will make a ‘spine’ separating the two sides.   Close the top opening invisibly with handstiching.