First the good news; I purchased the download pattern for the new Iris short by Colette yesterday.  I think I shall store my download patterns in a binder in plastic sleeves.  Here’s the pattern, for a really cute pair of shorts.  Unfortunately my legs while relatively slim are unflatteringly cottage cheesy – so these may need to be lengthened a bit; anyway here’s a pic of their kinda retro cuteness:

 I like the button detail.  Super fast download, the pattern was $12 – however it’s a hefty 30 pages to print!

Now the rant.  On March 20th I joined club BMV to take advantage of a very good sale.  The club memberships were also discounted.  However, I still don’t have any patterns!  It’s been 4 weeks; and the distribution centre is probably a 10 minute drive from my house.  I have had answers from customer service, but no explanation as to why it takes 4 weeks to process and deliver an order from a large company.

I’ve ordered from them before, and it’s consistantly taken this long.  Other Canadian Pattern Review members have found quicker service – about 2 weeks, so it looks like its the distribution centre that services my area that sucks at it’s job.

I also sent a message to Fabricland telling them that I’m buying patterns online now (and they’re not getting my pattern money any more) but they just said “they can no longer offer pattern sales”  Huh?  Perhaps there is a Pattern Embargo?  Pattern Markdown Strike? general Philosophic differences?

Anyway, here are the patterns I’ve been waiting for:


I’m excited to go to the Creativ Festival next weekend; I think I’ll take a half day off Friday so I can attend Kathy Ruddy’s seminar, who could resist this description?

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