Simplicity 2599

Here is another version of Simplicity 2599 that I made recently; it was inspired by this top, CABi “La Femme” Ruffled top from Fall 2011:

I would like to thank Elaine May of the Selfish Seamstress for her Coffee Date Dress; as you can see I borrowed her cute ruffle detail for my top.

I would like to point out I am the exact opposite of Elaine; I am 6 ft tall, blonde, play volleyball, have 5 kids and live in the suburbs.  Elaine is 5ft tall, dark, petite, and lives the life of an international jet setting academic in Europe.  Still – I have her ruffle.

I scooped the neckline a little lower than the pattern and added a very deep facing (so it wouldn’t flip under with the weight of the ruffle) which I hand tacked invisibly behind the ruffle.  Fabric is a blush coloured lightweight stretch poly satin from Fabricland a couple of years ago.