Some helpful rules to buyers based on a recent Craigslist sale experience:

  1. When you try out a vintage machine, and it works, and you are given a recent receipt proving it was serviced in the past month or so, and you accept the machine and pay for it, say thank you then take it home, it’s yours.
  2. If you take it home and use it and think maybe there might be something wrong with it; even though you’ve never owned a sewing machine before let alone a vintage machine and you contact the seller who offers to remedy the problem it is common courtesy to let the seller actually speak to the repair shop before demanding a refund and threatening.
  3. If waiting for the holiday to be over so the repair shop is actually open is really too demanding on your precious time even though the problem may not exisit, have you considered that spending 8 long e-mails about the subject might be a waste of your precious time too?
  4. If you threaten to get a lawyer involved; man up and do it don’t threaten and then back down.
  5. Ask yourself, is threatening the seller really the best way to get your problem solved?  Well if that doesn’t work you can always resort to:
  6. Personal attacks; they are much more helpful in any situation, don’tcha think?.

A word to Craigslist sellers: make sure your ad say NO REFUNDS.

And yes, this is a true story.  It is taking every ounce of my willpower not to publish the buyers name.

Thanks for listening to my rant!