I have been sewing, albeit slowly.  Last weekend was taken up with enlarging our front garden and dividing and transplanting perennials to fill it to the brim.  I still have to put the border divider back – it’s a lovely day here and I’ll start that shortly.

Next weekend I’m foregoing a camping trip due to anticipated cold weather, so I hopefully will have a full-on sewing weekend!

My current project is a pair of pants.  Despite all of my pattern tweaking this spring, when I went to use my ‘master block’ I still had to make several adjustments.  Grr.  I’m using a gorgeous stretch cotton from Fabricland in a nice neutral mushroomy colour.  Originally $19/m it was on sale at one store for $4/m.  At my local store its still $19/m.  Go figure.  The pattern is (pants to):

Donna Karan 2954 OOP

I also need to sew a flight-suit for DSD’s halloween costume – she’s going to be a ghostbuster:

Who ya gonna call?

This is a collaborative effort between her mom (she’s making the hardware) and I, I’m sewing the coveralls.

Other exciting news is the announcement of 10 new Jalie patterns this week.  The new patterns include:

  1. Dance Leotards with neckline and optional skirt
  2. Mens Polo shirts
  3. Babies Onsies
  4. Bra and Camisole
  5. Womens lined vests
  6. Tank bathing suit with racer back
  7. Hoodie and t with nursing options
  8. Unitard for skating
  9. Womens fitted shirts
  10. Gymnastics tank leotards with appliques

If you are unfamiliar with Jalie patterns, they are created by a wonderful mother-daughter duo out of Quebec City, Canada.  The patterns are on heavy paper (like Kwik-Sew) to be traced out before cutting.  Many of their patterns are created for niche areas like activewear, gymnastics and skating and generally the patterns go from a kids size 2 to adult XXL in one envelope.

If that wasn’t enough, they love to discover new, untried sewing techniques which add to the ready-made look and quality of their designs.   It’s always exciting when they launch new patterns, and here are my faves and most likely to buy:



Women's fitted shirt

Tank Suit Back

Tank Suit Front

The new patterns are not available for pre-order yet, I’ll post when they are!