It’s time for a few activewear pieces; of course what I really need is pants but I make tops…why?  Because they’re fast and easy!

This is KS 3835, which I bought for the trendy harem-style bottoms (yet unmade).  However the top is a little gem, with it’s racer-style back and shelf bra.

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This is made with a rayon-lycra print and lined with a co-ordinating remnant.  To give the shelf bra more support, I cut it a size smaller.  I think for the next version I’ll also make both the elastic on the armholes and under the shelf bra a tad smaller.   It’s easy to sew, has some shaping built it and, other than adding a bit of length to the shelf bra, (I added 1 1/2″, but that was too much, so I’ve taken off about 3/4″) there were no alterations.  At 6ft tall this top is plenty long for me, so anyone shorter should measure first.

The other nice thing is that the shelf bra does not extend into the straps, so when you apply the elastic, which is stitched to the edge, turned and stitched again it’s not too bulky as there is only one layer of fabric.  I would recommend you baste the top edges of the bra in place across the straps – this step isn’t in the pattern instructions, but helps keep everything in place when applying the elastic.

I zig-zagged the elastic in place, for my next version, which is a plain fabric I may do the final stitching with a double needle.

I can also see changing this top to a very RTW look easily;  by just cutting across the back you could make the top back straps in a contrast colour.    And looky…I saved $52!!

Lululemon Racerback Tank $52