Ok, I purchased some fabric this week, not for me, but for my Mom (well, ok a wee little bit for me maybe).

A while back, my Mom asked if I could find chlorine resistant swimwear.  After contacting Susie Spandex in Montreal and Spandex World in NYC and consulting the Pattern Review boards I tried Ann’s Fabrics in Hamilton.

What a mecca for spandex! My limited knowledge of this shop was from their booth at the Creativ Festival in Toronto.  But they have about 4 rows of fabric stocked floor to ceiling of swimwear fabric, most of it 4 way stretch.  Organized by colourway there are hundreds of choices of colour, pattern and solids! 

The Glittery Stuff Lives Upstairs

Upstairs is the glitter, hologram, sequin and stretch velvet.  Downstairs is the regular fabric (the spandex takes up at least half of the main floor, maybe more), trims, jewels, iron on glitter, glues, elastic, linings, foam cups and notions. 

I picked up lining for over 2 suits, Fabric to make view B, with a solid navy and blue/purple mosaic print and dark brown sold and brown/pink hibiscus print.  Plus chlorine resistant elastic and foam cups. 

Swimsuits are pretty easy to make, I’ll take one of my mom’s RTW swimsuits to get the sizing right…details to follow!