Butterick 5495

I cut this dress out earlier this summer, but didn’t get a chance to sew it up until now.  If you haven’t discovered this pattern, it’s so wonderful!  Super quick to make up, easy on the yardage requirements and very flattering.  Somehow the under-bust drape manages to skim and not cling in just the right way.  I just lengthened it to knee length for the dress (the pattern has long & short sleeved top/tunic versions)

This is made from a large butterfly print fabric that became mine at the Montreal Pattern Review Weekend fabric swap.   I belive it’s swimsuit fabric, not sure who’s stash it came from, but if I were to bet money on it, I would put it on Treena, The Slapdash Sewist.  Hmm, it may be useful to have a dress you can swim in, say if you ever were at a dance and the floor opened up to reveal a swimming pool…..

It's a Wonderful Life

Here is the original version of the top, made in an ITY knit:

Butterick 5495 Top Version

Next project is a Home Dec project, which I began today, an update of these floral panels in my son’s room:

Floral Panels

There is no closet in his bedroom, just 2 niches with open shelving in a recessed area that’s too narrow to close off for hangers.  I guess if we wanted to do some major work and add a large closet we’d have to move some walls.  Anyway since he’s a boy we don’t need hangers much.  I’m replacing the floral panels with blue broadcloth.  Since the hanging rods are fixed, I’m buttoning on the new panels.  I’m using some old & funky mis-matched buttons to attach the panels.