All records were broken today in Toronto as the temps soared to about 38 C – for you US folks that’s about 100 F, plus add in the humidity factor and its waaaay over 100.  Oh, and did I mention we don’t have AC?  We do have a pool however….

So all in all a great time to wear some of my summer dresses, the first is the very popular V1224 Tracy Reese dress.

Vogue 1224 Tracy Reese

I lengthened the dress by about 4″ and the bodice by 1 1/2″ and I also had to shorten the neckline elastic a lot, although I can’t remember how much.  I flared out the skirt hem a bit from the pattern as the pattern is very straight in the skirt, I wanted it flowy-er.  The ties really stretched out (they are really long).  I really like the print, though.

I found some beads at a local bead shop to add to the tie ends, it was a challenge finding beads with a large enough hole to string the tie, but it gives a nice RTW finish to the dress.

The fabric was about $3/m from Fabricland on a clearance table and is like a mesh poly/lycra print.  I think the beads cost more than the fabric!

If I were to make it again, I might go down a size, as you can see the waist has lost some definition & also make it in a plain fabric.

The second ‘cool dress’ (worn today) is actually a top and skirt.  This is tres old, probably about 12 years old, but shows how timeless and cool Miyake designs can be.  The top is an OOP Simplicity pattern and the skirt is V2556 by Issey Miyake.

Vogue 2556

I was pleasantly surprised at how many trends this outfit hit, considering it was so old!

  • longer skirts
  • colour blocking
  • deconstructed ‘ruffles’

The top and skirt are made from a fairly indestructible matte jersey (red) with an underlay of a novelty knit which is a mesh with pintucked waves.  The two layers are held together with purple snap tape,  allowing you to adjust and change the drape depending on how you snap the tape.

DH, who took the pictures wants you to Look, Look! at His Bike (that’s what you call a motorcycle when you own one) in the background.    He’s sad I would rather ride on the back than to learn to drive one myself.   But he liked the outfit even if I was wearing rather more fabric than he generally admires in fashion.

Today I cut the tissue for another ‘hot’ dress:


* note I originally spelled this “wracking” but looked it up – there is no definitive agreement on how this is spelled – it may be an english spelling thing, but I’ve chosen here to side with the most popular consensus of how it should be written so changed it to ‘racking’, but then spell-check over rode me.  So there.