Skeleton Key from Urban Threads

Well here is the successful embroidery!  After my trials and tribulations mentioned earlier, here is the finished embroidery.  DS chose the design from Urban Threads and also chose the colour of the embroidery.  Wow, they have so many cool designs it’s a great site to check out. 

The design is on a pair of ‘longs’ for DS, made from New Look 6951.  This is a great pattern – I put a full review on Pattern review – it should show up in the sidebar.   I traced out 3 sizes so I can use this in S, M & L for my whole ‘adult’ sized family. 

DH’s version is in light poly with beltloops and cargo pockets (bellows style) on the thighs, and the shorts cover his knees while he’s motorcycling, biking and paddling.    All custom to his specifications!

DS’s version is in cotton twill from the stash, with embroidery and a single bellows pocket on the side, and a cord with spring cord lock in addition to the elastic waistband:

New Look 6951

Great pattern, but check the waistband width, you may want to add a double row of elastic, or make it wider depending on what you’re using and the fabric’s weight!