Let me say that I hope Fall is far, far away – in fact we are in the middle of a hot, dry spell here in Toronto.   I have in my brain a few hot-weather items to sew,  right now in the Anfang clan call this the ‘thinking about planning’ stage.

The excitement around here sewing-wise is twofold lately, first with the new fall Vogue Patterns, and secondly with my incremental learning on my Embroidery machine.

New Vogues

The new Vogues are lovely, and characterized by detailed seaming and intricate draping/ruching.  I have a while to go before they appear in-store and go on sale, but here’s what would be on my wish list so far:

Donna Karan V1259

This is actually a top/skirt combo.  I see the top with some nice tailored pants and a drape-front sweater as a nice work outfit.

Tracy Reese V 1252

The photo doesn’t show off this dress to it’s best, the line drawing shows the great draping.

Rebecca Taylor V1255

I just like this a lot.  I think some of my most successful garments have a lot of detail, which this certainly has.

Alice & Olivia V1261

This silhouette is all over RTW right now. I like the subtle (expensive looking) colours and fabrics.  Fabricland has some very nice slub rayon marked down to $7/m right now that comes in white, black and taupey-brown that would be super for this.  Here is close to the original:

Alice & Olivia T, Bloomingdales $147 USD

The non-designer patterns are nice too, including a button front shirt with A,B,C,D cup sizes and a mans dress shirt pattern.

Embroidery Machine Update!

Embrodery machines are complicated thingys!!  I managed to download two internet designs from Urban Threads  which is a great site, but the designs weren’t in the format my machine read (Designer 1, which needs .shv files)  After lots of reasearch, I installed the software that came with the machine, and finally it converted to the .shv files, but not by ‘saving as’ the correct file extension, you ‘sent’ the file to the floppy disk (yes, the sewing maching takes floppies – finding floppies was a whole other adventure) For those of you who are young, here’s what a floppy looks like:

Remember These?

So to recap the steps:

  1. I took a lesson
  2. I downloaded designs
  3. I downloaded design software
  4. I was given some new machines (non embroidery) and the embroidery software was in with this stuff
  5. Hubby has spent hours researching embroidery software and downloading
  6. I installed software
  7. I spent 2 hours trying to convert the files
  8. I finally got the design I want from the internet, on a disk in a file format my machine reads.

All this and nothing actually embroidered except the sample in my lesson!! Here is what the download I chose for my first project looks like, DS chose this to be embroidered on some cargo shorts:

Skeleton Key - look very closely....

Hopefully tomorrow this design will be on some fabric!  I have set up my new machines, alas the serger was missing the footpedal and the power cord, I will probably have to buy a new footpedal to get the serger operational.