Pattern Fitting and Alteration a Multi Method Approach
 I have been struggling with pant fitting for a while now, basically ever since I had DH take a rear view picture for a post and my rear end looked like an elephants wrinkly bum! (well, the pants were grey!)  They were too large, so I cut out a smaller pair (unfortunately they were cut out before I saw the aforementioned rear view) which became wadder #1.
So on a Quest for Pants that Fit, I consulted Patternreview, got some helpful advice, sewed a muslin which turned out ok, and confidently cut into the pant fabric.  I guess in the differences between the muslin fabric and fashion fabric made the ‘good’ pair unwearable – wadder #2!!
Luckily the Creativ festival was this past weekend, and there were several fitting seminars. I had the expert check me out and make some suggestions.  She uses the highly recommended “Pattern fitting and Alteration, A Multi-Media approach” book above. 
I found an older copy on e-bay – it’s a texbook and very pricey, but the newer edition is more user friendly than the one I have.  Luckily, looking through the new edition helped me understand some of the illustrations better.  I’ve now altered a pattern and purchased some broadcloth for muslins. I think I will also trace out the grainline on my muslin pair to see if that helps my decision making process!!