If you’ve read the previously mentiond article on finding your “style words” from Brenda Kinsel,  you’ll know what I’m talking about.  I’ve read most of the books on wardrobing, style and finding flattering clothes that I can get my hands on, and I found this article could really work for me.

Like all self help type of books, I usually find about 2% of the stuff in there I can directly relate to or use, the other 98% is common sense.

But I found Brendas article inspiring because a) it doesn’t give you a checklist of must-haves b) its based on guidlines that are your own interpretations of the words.  For example, Sexy is going to be on my list, but my definition of the word is based on my definition and aesthetics, so it definitely won’t be the same as my husbands. 

So, one of my ideas of sexy would be the Kay Unger dress (I have a lot of shades of grey in my definitions) where my husband’s idea of sexy would be:

Hoochie Mama, with apologies to Karen Brady

Now Karen recommends starting with a piece you love that embodies your style factors.  Here’s what I started with:

The photo’s small, but they have back laces, brogue style fronts and lug soles.

  Here’s what I think they say about style:

  • Sexy
  • Classic ie: unfussy, restrained in style, simple and enduring in style
  • Down to earth
  • Effortless
  • A little offbeat or Funky
  • Understated with a surprising twist
  • Vintage Inspired

That is my starting point.  Now I’d like your help refining the list…any comments? obvious repetition? I’d like to hone it down to 5 or so words/statements…especially with the ‘classic’ – I would like the idea to express clean and elegant, vs. staid or fussy.

Comments appreciated!