Burda Pants and Top

Sorry for the small pic, I’m doing this post on the fly. I was all excited to wear my new Burda Style charmeuse top with a muslin of my new pants yesterday, thinkin’ I was all cute….

Until I got home and looked at the photo of the back:

Wrinkly butt!!

Now the photos are taken on a wierd angle (note to self: figure out why other people can take nice full length body shots that do not foreshorten the body) as is evidenced by the fact the pants are actually ankle length but look in the photo like they are covering my shoes.

I’m trying to fix the next pair (these are a muslin)  One possible fix may help the problem and does not require altering the tissue, although the ‘big fix’ probably requires a tissue fix as well. 

The next pants are also a size smaller – these were HUGE!

I do like the cf stitched crease though, and waffled on the pockets, but will keep them for the second pair.  Maybe add a welt pocket on the wrinkly butt??

For those who want to know the patterns are:

Top:  Burda Style 2-2011-114 Boxy top with Kangaroo pocket

Pants:  Burda Style 3-2010 109B Slim Trousers

Necklace: Forever21

Shoes: Ciobella Whitlow Heels from Barefoottess.com

Any fitting help would be greatly appreciated!!