HotPatterns Metropolitan Denuve Tuxedo Shirt

Hmmm, I feel mixed emotions about this project.  The shirt does look less voluminous on me, but it looks very maternity-amish on the stand. 

I suppose no plaid flannel shirt can be deemed sexy, and hey I’ve had this fabric in my stash less than 6 month – so that’s kind of successful?  And it can be considered a wearable muslin too.

Anyway, I found the pattern instructions a bit confusing, and not a lot of other people have seemed to make this yet.  I loved the style when it came out, a clean-lined top copied from last year’s very popular Celine  line.   I’ve wanted a smock-ish top for a while and thought if I did the bib on the bias it might be cute.  Jury’s still out.

Some of the problems I had were construction of the bib with it’s concealed button placket.  The button band has no markings for the button holes,  which one of the first steps.  Needless to say, mine ended up being positioned wrong,  (too far off centre) but I’ve marked down where they should be for version 2.   Construction of the bib was not fun.  And the collar is strangely shaped.   Basically the left bib side is self lined and the right bib side has the button band.  When folded back on itself, the right side forms a fold that covers the button band.  The collar is applied flat then the bib and then the bib is folded in half to form the collar.   As you can see I’ve topstiched the bib to keep the button band concealed – this is a step not in the pattern, but I didn’t interface the bib and since it was cut on the bias the topstitching will prevent it from stiching.

Sleeve Cuff

I made full length sleeves with a regular cuff instead of the pattern instructions.  I made the back with the pleat:


I think I will make this for spring, using lovely pink shirting from my stash.  I also reshaped the collar for version two.

I spent my Christmas gift certificate yesterday at Fabricland’s 40% off members sale, purchasing some stretch printed poplin in a large watercolour-flower print.  The colours are lovely, purpley-grey & grey.  I was thinking it would be nice for the Donna Karan shirtdress, but now I’m thinking you wont see the dress details in a print.  So maybe back to my first choice which is grey crinkled silk, if I have enough fabric.  Maybe save the print for a spring coat.

The second purchase was some nice stretch cotton sateen in navy for spring pants, from Burda. 

Cotton prices have risen, the sateen was $19/m! But I got it at 40% off.