First, I have to say What is Up with Some People?  I’m so glad the people in my personal life are not the type of people that are never ever satisfied.  Apparently that’s how some people roll, they are Never Ever Ever Ever Satisfied.  With Capitals.  I am glad I’m not one of those either, apparently.  I am apparently one of those people who are puzzled, mystified, confused, bamboozled and frustrated with the people who are Never Ever Ever Satisfied. 

Thanks for listening to my rant, and now to the fun stuff.   New Patterns:

McCalls were on sale today and I think with my recent Vogues, and my extensive collection of  Burdas, I think I’ve got the basis for my Spring wardrobe:

McCalls 6288

The first is a collection of knit tops, I like the one with the racerback and the blocked version, maybe to use my matte sequin fabric?

McCalls 6291

Next, funky cargo pants.  Not sure to make them work dressy or actual camping-functional?  Notice striking similarity between the shoes and the model in the first pattern…

McCalls 6164

This last one is for the hot pink version on the top; which I think will make a basic-yet-trendy t; I loved it when Erica B made it recently-she is so elegant!

From Erica B's DIY Style

 That’s it for tonight!