Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf- Burnout Velvet

I have been sewing, and dutifully increasing my stash!  I wanted to make some christmas presents that were easy to make, stylish and fast.  I found this on-line tuturial at craft stylish for an infinity scarf that fit the bill perfectly!  No fitting, and will suit my co-workers and nieces!!

The first is made from really soft chenille with a sheared lambswool look with a tricot back (but stable) knit from Fabricland.  On sale at 50% off, this scarf takes 2 yards and is cut 21″ wide.  So in a 2m piece, I was able to cut 3 scarves.  The burnout was narrower, so only produced 2 scarves and a wide scrap.   I kid you not, about 10 mins to sew each one.    I also made a personalized card with care instructions to tuck inside each scarf. 

The instructions are linked to the first photo. 

Closer friends and relatives will be getting a version of the Jalie pleated sweater – it’s pretty forgiving fit-wise and about a 2 hour sewing time, so a nice present (I think) for the effort.

Also planned is an outfit for my 5 yr old DSD, (Oliver+S Corduroy skirt, knit top from Jalie) and maybe a separate jacket from the same chenille shown above in a soft raspberry colour.  She fell in love with the fabric when I was making the scarves, but there were no scraps left for her to even play with!!

On my front, I’m slowly moving forward with Vogue 2614, view C.  It’s been interrupted for the Christmas presents, though.

Vogue 2614

I’m lining it with some faux -fur, but despite carefully aligning the chest pockets, when I set in the zipper I didn’t check it again.  So I’ve picked out and reset the zipper and now I’ll have to remove the collar and part of the front band, trim them down and resew them to make the top match.  Sigh. You think I’d learn!  I carefully cut and matched everything, so I’m not sure how that got thrown off.   Here’s what it looks like so far:

Vogue 2614 In Progress

The pattern has a mistake in it, there are no instructions for how to set in the flap concealing the zipper, unless I missed it, or maybe it’s included in version D.   Anyway I love this pattern, it’s got some great jacket variations in it.  I’m planning on making the belt out of a faux leather with a brass-look pinch clasp I got for a steal at Fabricland.   I wanted to show off the belt more, so I trimmed back the belt casing about 2″  from the CF than is shown on the pattern.

As for the stashing, I procured some lovely animal print silk ($30/m; marked down to 50% off then another 40% off that), some cherry red rayon knit jersey for $6/m and some python printed stretch as an inset for some legging, as well as 2 chunky brass zips for the back of the leggings.  Hopefully over the Christmas holidays I’ll have some time to sew them!