I had a request on Patternreview to post some photos of my Sewing Workshop Era Jacket. I tried to find it on the SW website & it may be out of print.

The fabric is a stretch cotton twill from Fabricland – the jacket is maybe 5 years old now?

I have quite a collection of SW patterns, although I haven’t bought one in quite a while. The styling is similar (and in many cases knockoffs) to Eskandar, Issey Miyake Eileen Fisher & Shirin Guild designs, all of which appeal to me in their simplicity, however I find while the designs defy fashion trends and are somewhat timeless, the boxy cuts a bit aging unless they are styled properly. Maybe that’s why I haven’t dabbled in these for a while.

Anyway, I bought this at the Creative Festival when I saw one of the displays – it looked like a chic jean jacket done up in white denim. I still think it looks good – it needs some fitted clothing underneath to keep it fresh and up to date.

Sewing Workshop Era Jacket

Jacket Back

Side view showing 'slit' with button

Inside finish

Cuff Detail

While I don’t remember too many details about sewing this as it was so long ago, the pattern has the same great finishes & instructions (mitered corners, using pressing templates, topstitching) as do all of the Sewing Workshop patterns