Jalie Jeans Front

Well my Jalie jeans are finished, and straight out of the box they’re pretty good!  I would say that all I did was lengthen them 2″ above and 2″ below the knee.  They fit as nicely as any RTW jean I have, which is great for a ‘muslin’!

I did tweak the topstitching width so it’s not perfectly matched everywhere (did I think to do samples DOH!) .  The pocket stitching is the Jalie “J” from the pattern instructions!  I think that next time I will lower the pockets and make them a bit closer together.  Also, I must learn to take better photos!!

Here is the ‘rear view’:

Rear View

The only other real change I would make would be to interface the waistband.  It’s cut on the bias and twisted a bit when I finished the topstitching.  I really like the fly instructions, it was a breeze to do and the waistband is cool because you sew it down on the outside of the garment!  I used the waistband as is to test it – others have commented that they prefer a contour waistband, but this was fine.  I did take a little wedge out of the CB yoke seam for the next pair to solve a teeny bit of gaposis.  I also raised the back rise about 1/2″.  This is the low rise version. 

The second thing I made was the ‘3 Graces’ top from Hotpatterns, which I had faithfully traced when I ordered it brand spankin’ new, and then it lingered until now.  Looks nice on the form, doesn’t it?

Hotpattern 3 Graces Twist Top

Let me tell you this fabric was a PITA to sew!  This is some knit from Fabricland last fall – they got a manufacturers buy out of fabric from Pink Tartan (look it up, very high end stuff from the Mimrans, ex of Club Monaco).  There were some great knits in the lot – I got 2 lovely silky rayon jerseys, a heavier rayon jersey and this tissue knit.  After I washed it, the knit twisted, so while it was perfect for the pattern, it was difficult to sew and as a consequence, one of the sleeves is a bit wonky.  Let’s admire it from the front now:

Front View

As you may or may not know, this is very similar to Rick Owens Lilies clothing – which I’ve often admired.  Of course the twist is accomplished by strangely shaped pattern pieces.  The instructions won’t help you!  Watch the youtube video of the construction – this kinda sorta helped me.  I was able to put together the bottom seams but it took about 20 minutes of pinning to get the top part and twist.  What helped me was to visualize the finished side seam & armscye, from there I was able to find the little seam at the top of the bust and finish the front.  Oh, and it’s probably a lot easier without a glass of wine, and not at 11:00 pm!

Here’s the back, with the raised, faced neckline.  Yes, the sleeves are extra long, they are supposed to puddle elegantly at your wrist:

Back view

Back neckline

 As others have mentioned, this is not as form fitting as the pattern envelope would suggest.  I took in the side seams about 3/4″ on each side. I also took out the shaping from the cf piece, reducing the bottom width.  The pattern piece now curves in from the bust and straight down – so the waist shaping is all on the side seams.  The top I made doesn’t have the last adjustment, just the side seam adjustment. 

I may make another while I wait for the newest Hotpatterns T-s to come (where are you?).

Meanwhile, off to do a patternreview!!