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Isabel Toledo For Payless

In Canada we have Payless “lite” – the same chain, minus a lot of the designer brands (they are available at one Boutique-style store in Toronto).  Thier selection of large size shoes is spotty.  My main gripe is that the do not offer the service that’s available in the USA where you can order the shoes you want in your size and have them delivered to the store.  

My sister, who lives in Atlanta, says the system is not perfect.  Apparently the receiving stores get a financial incentive for the shoes when someone orders them.  So if the shoes the customer wants are not available, they will substitue anything to get their incentive. 

This becomes a bummer when, say the deserving Sister who lives in Toronto, really really wants a pair of shoes, say like the ones above (now, they are not available on the web yet anyway, but does that really matter?)

I need them. 

I did have a lovely Sunday.  We had a pool party on Saturday, which was a lot of work cooking and cleaning.  Sunday, after the leisurely clean up and loads of languishing laundry were done, I cut out Simplicity 3786, which has been on my ‘list’ for quite a while, especially after seeing this lovely version:

Simplicity 3786, View D

I’m making the short sleeve version in a retroish cotton/poly(?) voile from my stash.  I may also make the long sleeve version in a gorgeous cotton/silk voile in purple, as I love the sleeves!  And I need to start working on my Jalie Jeans, which will be, hopefully a fall staple, and if I perfect them maybe I can find some nice sheared cord or velveteen for dressier versions.