Do you NOT know that I’m trying to behave…that since I made my nice linen jacket I resoved IN MY HEAD to limit my pattern buying (I’m wise enough not to promise these things in my out loud voice) as my Burdas are so nice, and plentiful?  AND that I just bought a Japanese Dress Book this week?

Do you NOT realize that your last two I Must Have It Now and Sew Them Immediately patterns have not yet been made?

How do you see inside my  fabric store  cupboard and see that not only do I have many fabulous drapey knits, including bamboo & silk jerseys just perfectly suited to your newest patterns?  And how could you possibly know that just last week, I added another  to the stash?

Hot Patterns Plain and Simple Relaxed T-Shirts


– sigh –

Might as well show you the other pattern as well, before I hit the “commit to purchase” key, (which apparently is special on my keyboard)

Hotpatterns Deco Vibe Mighty Aphrodite Draped T-Shirts