Claire, Me, Connie, Reethi

Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with 3 sewing friends from the Montreal PR Weekend!  Claire & Connie were two of the organizers, Reethi & I were participants and shoppers!  True to form, Claire and Connie were the instigators of our lunch meet up!

We had a nice lunch at the Rivoli on Queen St. and then did a quick shop at Downtown Fabrics (above) and I dragged the willing participants into some bead stores (which bear more exploring!) then scooted back to work.  Great to meet up with you guys!!

Here is my fabric purchase, a light black stripe knit.  On top is my necklace made with findings from one of the bead stores.  I made it super long (about a 20″ drop).  I think this is the same knit Katherine Brenne used on a top she wore at the PR weekend:

Black Stripe Knit from Downtown Fabrics

See We're Twins!