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Burda Jacket Style 102 from June 2008 Burda WOF

Here is the finished jacket, I’m quite pleased how it looks finished!  Made from a beige linen with a suble silver metallic thread throughout.  Not sure if the camera quite captured the fabric.  What I loved about this jacket was all the detail; the scallop front, buttoned bands at cuffs and waist, pintucks on the arms, double princess seams.  Oh, and the fact that it had no collar or lining. 

The pattern went together beautifully!  Two keys to success with  Burdas:

  1. Write  ADD SEAM ALLOWANCES in bold capitals on each pattern – kind of like it’s shouting
  2. Ignore instructions –  I believe they write full instructions, then remove every third word.   Kinda vague and confusing.  At least they have numbers where the seams are to join, so you can match 1 + 1 and follow it.

Honestly, with this I ignored them all and just kinda did it how I felt it should go together. 

I also used my vintage Singer buttonholer on my Featherweight to do the button holes.   I’ve always had a problem getting perfectly matching buttonholes with my computerized machine, so I love the fact that the mechanical buttonholer has cams which make screwing  up impossible.  I had to fudge a bit, because the plate that covers the feed dogs didn’t quite work (the buttonholer is not actually a Featherweight buttonholer) so I held it in place manually as it was shifting around. 

Here are some details of the jacket, closeups can be found in an earlier post:

Jacket Back

Side view showing Sleeve pintucks

Tracing the stitching line for the scallops

Sleeve band detail

I believe I will wear this to my mini-PR reunion on Thursday, where I’m meeting Claire from Montreal, Connie B & Reethi for lunch!