Aside from some repairs/alterations that are piling up, I’ve actually cut out another project,

BWOF 6-2008-102

Which I have coveted since I saw the adorable Christina of Assorted Notions version a couple of years ago.  I have it cut out in a pale beige linen with silver metallic from Fabricland in Toronto which has been mellowin’ in the stash!

Also on my list of things to do is:

  1. Fix a ripped sheet
  2. Fix a ripped duvet cover
  3. Taper a pair of black linen shorts to a more up to date silhouette
  4. Take in a pair of trouser jeans at the hip/thigh to be more Ready to Wear
  5. Add some elastic to the back waistband of a pair of shorts that have stretched out of control (camp shorts, so waistband looks don’t matter!)

I will probably selfishly do 3, 4,5 first.  I wear 3&4 pretty regularly so maybe tackle them first – and I can use black thread for both. 

What’s your next project? What do you procrastinate doing?