Kwik Sew Tank from Swim & Action Wear Book

I’ve been on a swimwear bend lately!  I made 2 Tankinis from Jalie patterns, but no pics to show you yet.  DH took some camping, but the exposure was off on his camera so they didn’t turn out very well. 

This is the third (and final) suit I made.  Since my old one piece was purchased before DH #1 was born (he’s 14) I was due a new one.  Not only did I like the way it turned out, it was el cheapo to make.  I dug through my stash and found this fabric, which had been a $3.50 remnant.  The lining was from a dress altered for a neighbours daughter, (I actually had to seam it to get it to fit it, it also lined the other two tankinis).  The bra cups were recycled from an old bra.  And the elastic was free, when I went on the Montreal PR weekend, the owner of the notions shop just gave me 8 meters of knit elastic free.  I think he was tired of cutting and taking our money.

The pattern is from the Kwik-Sew Swim and Action Wear book, which has master patterns for bathing suits, leotards & lots of variations.  The styles are kinda dated, but I wanted a basic tank.  This has some tabs and decorative slits.  As the entire effect is low-cut, I think decorative sluts may be more descriptive!  The back is a low cut U shape. 

I added 2″ to the body and cut a Large.  It still gaped a bit under the arms, even after I took it in.  I picked out about 4″ of elastic and shortened it to bring it in under the arms, but it still gapes a bit. 

Anyway, I fully lined the front – which is not shown in the book, but I just sewed in the bra cups to the lining, then basted the lining & front together and treated them as one.  Here are some detailed photos:

Bust cups on lining from the wrong side

Above you can see the pieced lining.  I cut the lining out and pinned it to me.  I then put the bust cups over my boobs and pinned them to the lining.  I zig-zagged around the cups to attach them molding the fabric over the cups.

Bust Cups from Right side of Lining

 Then I basted the lining to the front:

Lining basted to front

After I basted the lining to the front, I followed the instructions beginning on Pg. 24 to put in the decorative slut slit and tabs:

Tabs sewn to right side of slit

Facing in place

Finished cutout detail from wrong side

‘After the cutout was done, I did the crotch.  I enclosed both of the crotch seams, then sewed backs to front and inserted the elastic.  I took some care with the elastic, by butting the ends over a scrap of fabric instead of overlapping them to eliminate bulk as follows:

Attaching the first side of Elastic to the scrap of fabric

The elastic, joined

Then I used the Jalie technique of “zig on”, “zag off” to attach the elastic to the outer edge of the wrong side of the fabric.  Then turn and topstitch from the wrong side the same way.  On the leg openings do the front in a 1:1 ratio, stretching the back.  Quarter the neckline and armhole elastic.  Voila, done!

Zig On

Elastic Attached

Elastic Topstitched from both sides

On another note, I have finally started watching what I eat in an effort to loose 10 – 15 pounds.  Week one, one pound gone!  I’m trying to excercise more (this week: bike ride, volleyball, dogwalk, rollerblade) & eat smaller portions and cut out the fatty snax at work.