Connie BJ of “Couturesmith ” said: I tag any fellow blogger who was at the PR Weekends in either Philadelphia or Montreal — so I’m tagging — ME!!

1.  Which pattern/vintage style have you been thinking about lately? While I like vintage-INSPIRED styles and have some vintage patterns I’ve collected over the years – especially Issey Miyake, I have not sewn with many.  Oh, the bathing suit below is probably considered Vintage as the book was published in 1995!

Currently on my horizon for fall is:

Rebecca Taylor V1199

Hotpatterns 3 Graces T

I’m actually fooling around with Polyvore to come up with some ideas for fall sewing…

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2.  What is the one place you want to visit that you’ve never been before?  I think it would be really cool to visit Australia & New Zeland.  Maybe a really loooong trip with lots of active stuff, like skiing.  I’ve also always wanted to do a luxury bike trip where someone hauls your stuff around in a van & at the end of the day they feed you lobster and chardonnay and creme brulee…mmmmm

3.  How do you relax?  Sewing, natch!!

4.  What is your favourite holiday/vacation?  Our annual ski trip to Mte Ste Anne with a group of friends, and our mini holidays camping in the wilderness
5.   What sewing skills do you want to learn/try out?  I just finished some bathing suits which I’ve wanted to try for a while.  I get the bug to do art-to-wear from time to time like silkscreening. 
6.  Can you knit?  Crochet?  Other crafting talents?  I’ve got some jewellery that I’d like to copy (see the polyvore board for the necklace)  Some simple stuff I see others doing on Etsy that I think “oh, I could so do that”
Quite frankly, a few jewellery notions is all my house could bear if you could see my stash!!

 Oh, I can cook up a storm.  Is that a craft?
7.  What garment/accessory do you wear most often?   Probably my trouser-style jeans – my work staple.  I tend to change my jewellery & my hair (now it’s long) a lot.  Except my purses because I’m too lazy to transfer everything between bags daily.

8.  How much time do you spend reading blogs (per day)?  Way too much!!