We attended our neighbours fabulous Canada Day Fete, this year with live entertainment.  As always, there are lots of kids and the party is capped with fireworks.  Both the food and fireworks are pot-luck. 

This year I fell in love with faux-corn cupcakes from Marthastewart.com.  The niblets are jelly beans, the icing is Swiss Buttercream (which is a meringue whipped with butter until an icing forms – think the magic of mayonnaise in a sweet form!)   The butter is made from starburst candies and the salt is coarse sugar – voila:

Faux Corncob Cupcakes

Plated en masse (OK on a cupcake carrier)

I tried to make them taste as good as they looked!

For my sewing project, I made a muslin of Jalie 2447  Thank goodness it was a muslin! I shopped my stash for some remnants of swimwear fabric and lined it with some poly knit that was leftover from altering a friends formal gown.  I unfortunately cut the top wrong way on the stretch, so I can wear it but barely.  I recut the bottoms from the scraps the proper way and they fit great.  I used the Jalie technique of applying elastic, which I will document in my ‘good version’.  I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the neckstrap as long as the pattern (which ties) but I had a bathing suit closure so I used that to rescue it. 

My plan is to make the good version in a Roberto Cavalli print remnant from Emma One Sock that I’ve stashed a couple of years.  Luckily it co-ordinates with the burgundy ‘muslin’ so I will have a mix and match set.

I got stoked when I saw how professionally the finished version looks, so I ran and dug out my Kwik Sew Activewear  book – which contains some patterns and variations for one-piece suits that I’d like to try so I can retire my tank suit which is about 16 years old & my ill-fitting two pieces.